Who am I and how can I help you?


1- After leaving Maine as the Head Trainer at Samoset Resort and Health and  Wellness Specialist with such companies like L.L.Bean and Fidelity, I became a full time trainer at the Sports Club La at the Ritz Carlton. During my 5 years at SCLA I trained clients looking to work on their fitness and nutrition goals as well as clients with corrective issues, pre and post natal clients, under 18 student athletes,stay at home moms and dads, and several over 55 stroke and heart attack survivors. I was named top 5 trainers in Boston according to the Improper Bostonian a few years ago and my exercises have been published in Fitness Magazine!

While at SCLA I was asked to consistently train a few athletes wives- and worked with David Spade while he was filming Grown ups 2 here in MA.

I was flown to Dubai last January to train my client, when he had moved home after MIT. While he was in Boston I helped him to gain muscle mass as well as stop smoking! To this day we remain in contact as he travels the world I give him workouts and nutrition programs.

Another high profile client flew me several times to Puerto Rico to her Beach community home to begin plans to develop a wellness retreat for people looking to get away from the city and enjoy a weekend of healthy eating and killer workouts! I am still working on this project now and will be rolling out details soon!

  In addition to SCLA I have been working with several at home clients of varied dempgraphics to achieve their fitness goals and look amazing all year round.

I started "Bodybybonbon" as a health and wellness coach and corporate consultant in order to guide employees towards healthy eating and active lifestyles. The programs I hope to bring on board are smoking cessation, Lunch and Learn health and wellness topics and individual health coaching for each employee to better manage personal health goals.

Recently I was hired to speak at health and wellness event for Armenian youths about basic nutrition and fitness needs as they grow. 


CPT ACE Certified Personal Trainer

CES NASM- Corrective Exercise Specialist

SPS ACE- Special Population Specialist

IFT Specialist- Integrated Flexibility training

Pre and Postnatal Specialist

AED, First Aid, CPR AHA- American Heart Association

CWC- Corporate Wellness Coach -NESTA

Health and Wellness Coach 

Integrative Nutrion Specialist -School of Integrative Nutrition-INN


My personal health and wellness philosophy is all about Balance.  Its the simple idea that being healthy only requires a few smart and healthy choices a day. These in turn will lead to an awareness of what is best for your body and how to maintain these healthy choices even when life can become stressful. The all or nothing approach rarely works the way we want it to and in time people will fail to comply to the all in approach and then feel unmotivated to continue because they feel like they failed. 

   I always tell my clients to be true to themselves in their choices and remember to treat their body the way they would want their loved ones to be treated, with love and patience. We all "fall off the horse" sometimes when it comes to diet and fitness so its all about finding the healthy way to climb back on and continue down the long road that is healthy living. 


I look forward to helping you on your journey and promise to help guide you towards the healthy choices that will lead you to your healthist, happiest self! Send me an email or give me a call and we can get started while your motivated and ready for change!