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Making Changes-

Step one-

Small decisions will show huge gains!

Eat Breakfast, a snack, lunch, a snack and dinner!

Get atleast 7 hours of sleep a night!

Step two-

Add in healthy options

Step three-

Hydrate with water and limit high sugar drinks and alcohol

Step four-

Make all your carbs whole grain and limit portion sizes

Step five-

Limit extras added to meals like salad dressing to be low fat and under 2 tablespoons

Ask for all dressings or gravys on the side

Step six-

Limit dairy to low fat amd keep your daily fat intake to less than 25% daily

Step seven-

Prepare for the mid-day and late night cravings by keeping healthy crunchy snacks on hand

Step eight-

Dine out, dont pig out

Step nine-

When on vacation treat your body with respect. Eat healthy so you limit stress and promote healing

Step ten-

Get moving, Be active atleast everyday for 30-60 minutes!

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