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Seasonal Style Eating

Im working on a new book categorizing peoples personality and food choices.

The basic premise came to my mind when I had such a hard time adding broccoli to my daily eating routine. I knew it would be one of the best choices for me to eat in order to lean out for my show but also I CANNOT stand it! So I started to experiment with different ways of cooking it so that it matched my other food choices.

I tried-

Steamed... out

Raw... def out, I hate those little green buds that get caught in your teeth

Baked... better but still not my favorite

Stir fried! After many broccoli crowns and facial frowns later, I finally found a way that I enjoyed eating broccoli!

With this being said I noticed a parallel to my eating style and the way I cook/make my food.

These 4 ways reminded me of spring, summer, winter and fall.

Steamed... Summer, hot and mushy

Raw... Winter, cold and crunchy

Baked... fall, hearty and crunchy

Spring... stir fried, lots of different tectures and flavors!

I am going to elaborate on this more going forward as I think that if I could design an eating style for peoples presonality styles then they too will learn to love foods that they prevously hated or avoided due to tecture or taste.

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