• Bonnie Smith

Pregnant and Still Working out~

It may seem like an obvious statement but staying healthy during preganancy can ease you into postpartum recovery much faster!

I have been working out up to 6 days a week (modified from my previous heavy lifting schedule) but still focusing on range of motion and maintaining muscle mass.

There have been days when my body says, "No, Thank you" so I listen and proceed with caution. I wanted to publish a sample workout for those of you out there really trying to stay lean and healthy during your pregnancy.

Start with lower-

I like to get a good lower body burn in before even thinking about upper or core.

Just a small sample workout for days when I also complete 30 mins of cardio on the eliptical.

Sumo Squats - 30 reps, weight lite or only body weight

SS Back lunges- 15 reps a side, weight lite or only body weight

3 rounds

Back rows on a cable or on the TRX- 30 reps- adjust your height on the TRX so that there is no strain in your back


Incline Push-ups on the bench or TRX chest press- 30 reps

3 rounds

Straight arm Plank hold for up to 1 minute-

Repeat 3x

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